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7 Secrets to Freeing Up Cash Flow Today!

Wednesday, May 26th, 2010

What would your life look like if you were no longer living paycheck to paycheck?

Do you ever feel like there is too much month at the end of the money?

Would it be worthwhile if you could free up money now and not necessarily have to live cheap, using resources already at your disposal?

Below for some simple tips that can forever change your financial situation starting today!

Secret #1 - Track It! One of the biggest reasons that some people lose money each month is because they aren’t tracking how much is coming in and how much is going out due to fear of reality. In fact, I had one client that took weeks before she finally decided to track her income and expenses with our FREE tracker, only to free up almost $5000 each month because she began tracking how much she would spend on eating out! The truth shall set you free!

Secret #2 - Produce! You can only reduce expenses so far. One option that has limitless potential is find ways to increase your income by increasing avenues for creating value for others that would merit receiving money in return. The beautiful part of this is that it does not need to require more time from you, but more creativity around how you are able to give others what they want so that you can get what you want.

Secret #3 - Save on Taxes! Although I support paying taxes, I believe you should only pay what is required. Ignorance is often one of the costliest problems. If you keep getting a tax return each year, you are overpaying every paycheck. For example, if you get back a return of $6000, you overpaid, on average $500/month!!!

  • Bonus Tip - Turn your hobby or part-time work into a business. By setting up the right corporation(s), you could save even more on taxes than you are now! If you already have a business, you may consider getting a 2nd opinion on your tax structuring.

Secret #4 - Refinance Loans! Put your credit to good use. By merely refinancing or consolidating your loans (debts), you could free up money each month without spending a dime! To have better peace of mind, get the smallest minimum payment possible, and then you can choose whether you want to keep making the old payment to pay it down faster.

Secret #5 - Stop Retirement Contributions! Some people feel they have to put money away into retirement accounts for “someday” but ignore how they can have a great rate of return that could free up hundreds of dollars each month! Have you ever noticed that some people will insist on putting money into a retirement account that may lose money, but not pay off a 13% credit card that would immediately give them more cash to put in their retirement accounts each month anyway? What makes sense to you?

Secret #6 - Pay Minimums on Loans! Certain people will try to pay a little extra to each loan every month. This is likely costing them THOUSANDS of dollars! Instead, pay all those extra payments to one loan at a time. Warning - Don’t always pay the highest interest rate first. You could lose thousands of dollars in interest by buying into that myth. Remember to consider that cash flow creates freedom.

Secret #7 - Sell Assets Do you ever feel the need to simplify your life? Is your spouse bugging you to clean out your garage? If you aren’t using it, sell it! Don’t have a gym membership only to show off the key chain. Don’t keep certain tools or furniture because you “might use it someday.” Get rid of it! My wife and I cleaned out our garage last year and we made about $2000 AND I could park my car!

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*Results mentioned above are not always typical and can vary for each person